Wacky Bee is proud to be part of newly-launched app, The Reading Realm, which features the Dougal Daley books by Jackie Marchant. The Reading Realm is the brainchild of teacher, Ian Eagleton, who designed the app with the aim that it would offer children a chance to escape into a world filled with books, stories, poetry and non-fiction. There are over one hundred exciting passages from a diverse range of publishers and authors plus games, interactive challenges and much more. For teachers the Reading Realm offers support, guidance, inspiration and a wealth of resources to use and adapt in class. There are discussion prompts, each linked to a range of reading skills. There are also interactive spelling, word and grammar games linked to each passage and extract. Children will also be offered book recommendations, have the chance to review the passages they have read and to take part in weekly reading challenges. To find out more visit

The Reading Realm app

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