A Small Publishing Company with very big ideas…


A small publishing company with very big ideas

Wacky Bee is a very small company but that doesn’t mean that our ideas are small. Far from it! We have big ideas for our books. And because we’re small and independent, it means that we can put those big ideas into action in exactly the way that we want… and have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

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"“Alfred reads that a blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an elephant. And that a blue whale’s heart weighs as muc… https://t.co/jwIffboPly"
"Happy #relaxationday from Alfred. Alfred is happily dreaming of #bluewhales! 🐳 #earlyreaders #buzzyreadshttps://t.co/gelYem8CbI"

Wacky News

Felix Twain Crosses the Pond!

To celebrate the publication of Double Felix in the US by Kane Miller Books, author Sally Harris has made a little promo video. We're very excited about Felix starting his world travels and are keeping our fingers crossed that he visits many more countries in the...

Summer Reading Bingo

Wacky Bee is taking part in Toppsta's fabulous Summer Reading Bingo with two titles - 'Pink!' by Lynne Rickards, illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain and 'Alfred and the Blue Whale' by Mina Lystad, illustrated by Ashild Irgens. This free, downloadable pdf is the...

Best New Kids Books

The Guardian supplement 'Best New Kids Books Summer 2019' is out today and includes dozens of beautiful, captivating and diverse children's books. We are delighted to announce that our own new Sprint titles, 'Alfred and the Blue Whale' and'Pink!', are both featured....

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