A Postcard to Ollis has been made Book of the Month by Outside In World, an organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring world literature and children’s books in translation. Here’s what Outside In World said about Ollis, “Norwegian script writer and puppeteer Ingunn Thon’s debut novel, translated by Siân Mackie, has plenty of humour, excellent characterisation and a lively narrative. Ollis doesn’t feel particularly brave but she is innovative, and loves nothing more than inventing wacky gadgets that sometimes don’t always work out as planned. Her personality shines through the pages as she constantly searches for answers and slowly discovers a courage she never knew she had. There is both comedy and pathos: scenes of forest escapades and Borgny with her strange hoard, contrast with Ollis’s heart-felt longing to find her father. A compelling and funny book about the importance of friendship and family relationships.” To read the full review go to http://www.outsideinworld.org.uk/browse-books.asp?book=2337

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