The Curiosity Club: Being Bee


Book 2 in the STEM-friendly Curiosity Club series. Publishing September 2023

“I don’t think I’ve found my thing yet. Other than being a girl, of course. It sometimes feels like that’s my job in this family, just being the only daughter, the little princess.”

Bee, Alice and Cleo met at the after-school club GAS (Girls Achieving at STEM) and are now inseperable. Together they have entered the prestigious Think League Challenge and Bee is determined to win. However, it sometimes feels like an uphill battle. Alice and Cleo don’t seem to be taking the competition as seriously as her, and her family are more interested in her role as bridesmaid at her aunt’s upcoming wedding. A story of self-discovery, packed full of fun experiments to do at home.

Author: Sally Harris

Illustrator: Janette Hill

Age: 7+

ISBN: 978-1-913292-66-9

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