Wacky Bee is a very small company but that doesn’t mean that our ideas are small. Far from it! We have big ideas for our books. And because we're small and independent, it means that we can put those big ideas into action in exactly the way that we want… and have a lot of fun while we’re at it. 

Wacky (adj.): funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way  (synonyms) zany, madcap, offbeat, quirky, outlandish, eccentric, idiosyncratic, surreal, ridiculous, nonsensical, crazy, absurd, insane, far out, fantastic, bizarre, peculiar, weird, odd, strange

We hope our books are all of the above, and more… although possibly not all in the same title!

At Wacky Bee we feel no-one is ever too old for pictures so all our books are illustrated. In most cases our books will be published in both print and digital formats. We’re concentrating on books for 3–12 year olds and our aim is to produce accessible texts for all reading levels. Our books may sometimes be challenging in terms of content but hardly ever in terms of length or format. Our list falls into three sections:

Picture books Picture books and board books for 3–6 year olds

Chapter books Books for 4–7 year olds

Older books Books for 8–12 year olds

We’re also part of a wider network of publishers in the form of the Publishers’ Association (PA) and the Independent Publishers’ Guild (IPG). This gives even a small company like us the chance to exhibit at all the major book fairs including London, Bologna and Frankfurt.

We are currently looking for talented new writers and illustrators but it is important that you read our submissions page carefully as we operate a slightly different system from most other publishing companies.

Foreign rights

We welcome foreign rights enquiries. Enquiries should be sent to Caroline Hill-Trevor at rights@wackybeebooks.com


We want to shout about our books to as many people as possible. For publicity, please contact Antoinette Paterson at: publicity@wackybeebooks.com

Sales and distribution

Individual copies of our books can be ordered direct from our shop. All other customers should contact our sales team (details below).


Please contact Manning Partnership, 7 Green Park Station, Green Park Road, Bath BA1 1JB
Tel: +44(0) 1225 478444
Email: sales@manning-partnership.co.uk


Please contact Grantham Book Services